Authentic Ukrainian and Hungarian Fine Foods

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Whether you are looking for a hot lunch to go, food for the whole family, or to dine right here at the delicatessen, you are guaranteed to leave delighted. Our handmade products are mainly created using locally sourced ingredients from right here in Red Deer and the Central Alberta region.

Ukrainian and Hungarian Fine Foods

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Authentic Ukrainian and Hungarian Food

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Our Story

About Us

At Hung Uke, we strive to be much more than your average food joint, we aim to be a member of the community. Our passion for fresh, local, Ukrainian and Hungarian food comes from our authentic roots and recipes that have been passed on for generations.

We want to share our heritage by bringing the Red Deer community wholesome and handmade pyrogies, cabbage rolls, borscht and much more. Our delicatessen is dedicated to delivering an inviting, modern, atmosphere with something for everyone. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available as well so the whole family can experience the velvety dough of traditional pyrogies hitting their lips or indulge in some heartwarming borsht.

Supporting our Community

Locally Sourced

Our products have been selected based on deep ecological ethics, allowing for a large percentage of our ingredients to be local, whole,  and made from scratch. We believe that Hung Uke has a responsibility to make the world a more sustainable and healthy place. We do this by connecting with our Red Deer community and supporting local suppliers, farmers, and artisans. We celebrate cultural diversity in our food, drink, and people. Everyone is welcome to become a part of our Hung Uke family.

Private Events

Experience Hung Uke Afterhours

Need a venue for your next party, staff event or special occasion? Look no further! Hung Uke hosts private social events of up to 14 guests. Authentic Ukrainian and Hungarian cuisine is enhanced by a unique, intimate atmosphere. Hung Uke is a licensed location that can cater to your private event needs. Contact us for more information or to reserve your private event

What We Have to Offer

Product's & Services

We welcome everyone to join us for an authentic table of Ukraine.

Varenky | Pyrogies

The soft velvety dough we use to make our handmade pyrogies will be a treat to your taste buds!

*Gluten free options available by special order


  • Potato, onions, quality aged cheddar cheese
  • Potato and onion (dairy friendly)
Poutine pyrogies

The perfect combination of two traditional foods. Ukrainian pyrogies meet a classic Canadian favourite!

  • Crispy air-fried pyrogies topped with gravy and cheese curds
Borscht – Beet Soup

Enjoy the deep, earthy flavor of beets in this homemade soup. With a touch of tang, it’s sure to warm you up on a chilly Alberta day.


Made with fresh garden grown beets, potatoes, carrots, & dill

Holupsti | Cabbage Rolls

The PERFECT comfort dish!


  • Hand-made Sour cabbage rolls: Rice, onions, fermented cabbage leaves.
Nalysnky | Cheese Filled Crepes

Say whaaaat?! Pronounced: Nah-less-​knee-key is a very tasty roll up!

  • Cottage cheese and sweet cream are complimented with dill/cream sauce.
Hungarian Goulash

Hungarian Goulash

One of the national dishes that hails from Hungary, this stew-like dish is made up of meat and vegetables.

Kobbassa | Ukrainian Sausage

Ukrainian Sausage

*Gluten free options available

Hand made using quality ham/garlic sausage

Pickled Products

Home made pickled products sourced locally

  • Pickled carrots,
  • Pickled beets,
  • Beets/horseradish,
  • Other misc. locally grown fresh vegetables.
Coffee | Pastries

There really is nothing better than home made and freshly baked pastries paired with a fresh brewed cup of coffee.

  • lemon/poppyseed loaf
  • banana bread loaf
Local Craft Beer

Enjoy a local craft beer on your next visit. We are currently carrying a variety of Blindman Brewing beers or grab a Field & Forge beer from our cooler to enjoy with your meal at home.


A variety of wines are available in-house! Relax with your loved ones over good food and wine on your next visit in.


*coming soon*

How Hung Uke Got It's Name

Meet Metro

So, there has been a lot of buzz on about our name, Hung Uke. Some of our guest at the restaurant have chuckled to full on fits of laughter, and others are left somewhat puzzled, scratching there head. We thought, it’s time we share the story. 

When coming up with ideas for the restaurant, owner Bryce was looking for inspiration. He wanted something that would reflect the culture, both in his heritage and reflected in his kitchen. After hitting the keyboard, and scrolling through the pages of Google, it suddenly hit him.

Yes, the restaurant would need a mascot, and he knew EXACTLY what it was going to be. The Kozak of course. Throughout eastern Europe, the Kozak is considered to be a very brave man, a true warrior! Bryce, with his classic tongue-in-cheek humour, couldn’t help decide the perfect name to go along with the Kozak of his deli, named Metro…. He was looking to pull inspiration from eastern European companies, and of course, his Kozak would need a BIG name, hence why he pulled the ‘Hung’ of Hungarian, with a sly giggle, and then added Uke representing his Ukrainian heritage and so, Hung Uke was born! 

Eat In | Take Out | Special Events

Try Hung Uke Ukrainian Kitchen TODAY!

Need to get out of the house? We would love for you to stop by and enjoy eating in our unique environment, or grab some food to go. We also offer private and after-hours special events in our fully licensed space! There are so many ways you can enjoy Hung Uke.

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Customers are raving about Hung Uke

Being Russian I usually don’t go to the places that serve food similar to one I cook myself at home, but this place attracted me with high ranking and I decided to try. We tried borsch, perogies, cabbage rolls, home made sausages. Everything is tasty, but cabbage rolls are beyond expectations. Special thanks for the mustard.

James North

James North

Hung Uke (Ukrainian Kitchen) Perogies and Poutine. What is not to like? It’s like having 2 meals in one. A healthy portion of crispy perogies, topped with scrumptious melted cheese curds and delicious gravy. How much more Ukrainian/ Canadian can you get with this dish? I could eat this over and over again.

Colin Christensen

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Our Hours

Tuesday to Friday – 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday – 10am – 3pm
Closed Sunday & Mondays

Kitchen Menu

Hung Uke

Varenyky (Pyrogy)
potato/cheddar or potato/onion  
6 – $6 | 9 – $9 | 12 – $12

Holubsti (Cabbage Rolls)

Varenyky/Kobbassa Combo
8 Varenyky, 2 Kobbassa

Kubbie in a Bun
ketchup, mustard, relish, Cholula, sauerkraut, sautéed onion, pickles, peppers, shredded carrot 

Pyrogy Poutine
6 pyrogies air fried topped with Canadian cheese curds and rink gravy

Metro’s Poutine
12 pyrogies air fried topped with Canadian cheese curds and rink gravy

Dinner for One
6 Varenyky, Holubsti, 1 Kobbassa

Dinner for Two
12 Varenyky, Holubsti, 2 Kobbassa

Fried Cabbage/Noodles
Sautéed Onion/Bacon tossed within/1 Kobbassa

Borscht (Beet Soup) 
comes with a bun
Cup $6.00
Bowl $10.00
Extra sour cream $1.00 | Chopped Bacon $2.00 | Kobbassa $3.00

Hungarian Goulash
Comes with a bun
Cup $9
Bowl $12
Extra sour cream $1.00 | Chopped Bacon $2.00 | Kobbassa $3.00


Assorted Pastries – $3.00
Coffee & Pastry – $5.00
Cup of Coffee or Tea – $3.00
Non Alcoholic Beverage – $2.50

Wine by the Glass (9oz)
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc – $9.00
House Red Cabernet Sauvignon – $9.00

Beer by the Can (473ml) – $8.00
“Uncle Mike” – Can of Coors Original with a side of Clamato – $5.55

“Gido Harry” Caesar
Single oz – $8.00
Double oz – $13.00

Coffee & Baileys (1.5oz) – $5.55

Coolers/Freezers (Upon Availability)

Hung Uke

Varenyky (Pyrogy)
Potato Cheddar, Potato Onion, Sauerkraut, Cottage Cheese Potato Cheddar 
30 – $25 | 60 – $45 

Holubsti (Cabbage Rolls)

Sour Leaf – $25

Sweet Leaf – $22

Sweet Leaf with Beef or Pork (1lb of Meat Filling) – $37

Nalysnyky (Cheese Filled Crepe) – $30

Borscht (1L) – $18

Goulash (1L) – $20

Ham Sausage (Ring) – Ham Garlic, Ukranian Garlic, Honey Maple – $13 

Hungarian Farmers Sausage – Regular/Spicy – $13

Pepperoni (1/2lb) – Regular, Honey Garlic, Teriyaki – $6.50